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Kill, Maim, Destroy!

We are a Horde guild celebrating our 6th year on Skywall and the second Horde guild to reach level 25. We keep a good balance between raiders, PvPers, and the person who just wants to have company in guild chat. We're always looking for members who want to do guild PvP, current raid content and/or old school content.

To the right, you will find links to all important Corrupted Destiny information. If you are interested in applying you will find instructions in this section, as well as guild and raiding rules, rank descriptions and our friends & family policies.

Interested in joining?

Raid Schedule
10 Man Early Group: --- Wed @ 6:30 Server --- Mon @ 6:30 Server
10 Man Late Group: Tues @ 7:30 Server --- Thu @ 7:30 Server ---

mazkaz 1/24/2015 11:28 PM
Join us at our new web site at
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Other Guild News

CD Doggy Style!!

karlehenry, Mar 11, 13 11:15 PM.

What's a final raid instance without a gunship battle? Blackhorn down!

BigEVILrobot, Mar 30, 12 10:12 AM.

Scaran - KB - Bloodspawn - Evilrobot - Twen - Skeeter - Lobes - Songdance - Ubler - Shamgir

Ultraxion fell down.

BigEVILrobot, Mar 30, 12 10:10 AM.

Songdance - Twen - Bloodspawn(Pain) - Scaran - Skeeter - Shamgir - Ubler - Evilrobot - Ish - Burntt

Happy little sunflower! OF DEATH! And we killed a shaman, in space.

BigEVILrobot, Feb 7, 12 8:49 PM.

Twen - Riztog - Skeetir - Songdance - Evilrobot - Burntt - Ish - Colossi - Slivered - Evildeadtwo
Man, that sunflower looks really happy about it

After Dark Downs Warlord Zon'ozz (1/18/12)

morgroth_wow, Jan 27, 12 5:59 PM.
Burntt, Evilrobot, Frskeeter, Hannabal, Ishuuran, Octav, Riztog, Slivered, Songdance, Twen
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